Bill’s Bug Juice™
(This marinade is great for all types of meats and vegetables)


Soy Sauce (Kikkoman) 2oz
Worchester 2oz
Tomato Paste – concd ½ TBL
Lemon Juice 1oz
Water 1 Cup
Lawry’s Season Salt 1 ½ TBL
Onion Powder 1 TBL
Garlic Powder 1 TBL
Thyme 1 TSP
Chipotle Morita Powder ¼ TSP
Ancho Chili Powder ¼ TSP
Maple Syrup ½ TBL
Celery Seed ¼ TSP
Ground Mustard ¼ TSP
Bay Leaf ½ Medium Leaf


Grind dry ingredients/seasonings into a fine powder. Mix all ingredients together and pour into a large bottle and refrigerate. I use a Worcestershire or Teriyaki sized bottle. Preferably let the marinade sit for a day so the flavors properly marry. Moisten the top of your steak’s with the marinade when grilling and after turning.

* Original Bug Juice recipe (Affectionately Named) courtesy of Jimbo Snyder of Manning, SC