Evelyn Lei Eaves – Born 01/19/10 @ 6:17 AM

Evelyn Lei Eaves – Born 01/19/10 @ 6:17 AM, 21 3/4 inches long, 8 lbs exactly, Healthy and all good.


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Jodi Morrissey
yea!!! Congrats to you both!
January 19 at 11:03am

Jason King
Welcome to parenthood my friend… Much congratulations!
January 19 at 11:06am

David Contreras
Congrats. William!
January 19 at 11:06am

Jon Lim
WOW CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!
January 19 at 12:24pm

Denise Previte
January 19 at 4:02pm

Levi Watson
January 19 at 7:11pm

Trish Olszeski
Oh Yay for you and Mary! Congrats! 🙂
January 19 at 8:36pm

William Lee Eaves
Thanks for the Congrats everyone!
January 20 at 9:29pm

Epidurals . . .

Epidurals appear to be very painful to get, but so far very with it!


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Buffy Chambers Lupinski
I’m so excited!!! Come on baby!!
January 18 at 9:47pm

Alan Brownlee
any updates? … let us know as soon as you can … 🙂
January 18 at 10:48pm

Jodi Morrissey
When your in that much pain it’s definetly worth it!! Way to go Leslie!!! We’re all here with you!! What’s she dilated to Bill??
January 19 at 12:07am

William Lee Eaves
She is at 8 cm now. Should only be a few hours.
January 19 at 3:04am

William Lee Eaves
9 cm now.
January 19 at 3:34am

Alan Brownlee
congrats, daddy!!
January 19 at 8:30pm

William Lee Eaves
Thanks for the congratulations everyone!!!
January 20 at 9:33pm

Checked into the hospital . . .

Leslie & I have checked into the hospital. They are going to induce labor. We’re ready to have a baby!


Dina Davies Webber
Yay!!! That is so exciting! Wishing her a quick and easy labor, and you both a healthy, beautiful baby girl!! Keep us posted!
January 18 at 4:51pm

William Lee Eaves
Thanks Dina! Everything went great!
January 20 at 9:34pm

Painting . . .

Painting the nursery – Evelyn’s Room.


Susan Snyder
Looks Good!
January 11 at 6:39pm

Jeff Hamme
missed a spot bud 🙂
January 11 at 10:20pm

Denise Previte
January 11 at 11:00pm

Kailia L Mize
Ahhhhh….that is so sweet!
January 13 at 7:18pm

When Can You Tell Chronic Texters to Stop?

Real Simple’s Modern Manners columnist shares her experiences.

by Julie Rottenberg

I was out for a sushi dinner recently with three girlfriends, happily engrossed in a power session of gossip and catch-up when, somewhere between the miso soup and the spicy tuna rolls, I noticed the friend across from me had her head down and was staring into her lap. It took only a second for me to realize that, duh, she wasn’t about to cry; she was on her BlackBerry. By this point, the others had figured it out, too, and we entered into that awkward but now commonplace practice of downgrading to small talk and vamping until our friend rejoined us and real conversation could resume.
OK, I live in this universe. I get that in some circles this has become the norm. Which is why I decided not to say anything to my friend in that moment. I may hate the fact that the world has gone text-crazy, but I also don’t want to be the uptight schoolmarm, slapping someone on the wrist and possibly killing the good vibe at dinner. (Who does?) But then, a few weeks later, I was out with my husband and another couple and the man did the same thing. Again, there was no “Sorry, this is an emergency” or “Sorry, this will just take a second.” It was presumed that we would all look the other way. This time, though, I decided to bite the bullet and comically (and adorably, I hoped) cleared my throat with a big “Achem!” He looked up at me, startled, then smiled sheepishly and said, “Sorry, sorry.” At which point, his wife chimed in with “Yeah, put that thing away!” He didn’t touch it for the rest of the meal.
Now, I certainly haven’t been as bold in every texting situation since then. And the truth is, I’m genuinely conflicted about whether or not to raise the issue. Since it has become standard behavior, many people don’t consider it rude, so it can feel rude to call them on it.
But my experience with that couple taught me that, odds are, someone at every table is just as irritated as you are but doesn’t have the nerve to speak up―until someone else does. Which gives me hope, because I feel like we have this small window of time right now when we can actually do something to stop the madness. To me, pecking at a phone or a BlackBerry midmeal or midconversation should be considered as outrageous as lighting up a cigarette without asking first. It’s just not done. Maybe I should have taken a cue from the no-smoking movement at the dinner with my girlfriends and announced at the start, “Can we make this a device-free meal? I’m allergic.” That way, if someone did need to send a message, she might at least have made a request or an apology first. I would also urge people to pull the coy “Achem!” trick, thereby raising some texting-consciousness, if not eliminating the problem. As it stands, we’ve all gotten used to looking the other way when someone starts texting―as if they’re picking their teeth. It’s a little embarrassing for everyone.


4 …

4 days left (give or take) . . .


Trish Olszeski
OMG how time flies by!
January 9 at 2:43pm

Jason King
I’m right there with you my friend… no guessing here tho, C-Section on Thursday. congrads to you and yours!
January 9 at 3:48pm

William Lee Eaves
Thanks Jason … congrats to you and yours as well! Keep me updated!
January 11 at 7:48am

Jason King
Is this your first? This willbe my third. 2 boys and a princess.
January 11 at 11:27pm

William Lee Eaves
This will be our first.
January 12 at 6:18pm

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